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E-Scooters are not to be used on public roads or pavements. Only on private land with the owner's consent.

Due to the COVID-19 announcement customer delivery dates maybe impacted


Do you offer Credit, Finance / Buy Now Pay Later?
We offer Pay in 3 by Klarna.  Check out all the Frequently Asked Questions about Klarna HERE  

We also offer PayPal Credit. To use this service you need to add the product to your basket as normal, click pay via PayPal and you will see their credit option - PayPal terms and conditions apply.

Do you sell the Xiaomi M365 Pro - Register your interest HERE

We have a close relationship with Xiaomi and will be one of the first etailers in the UK to have the Xiaomi M365 Pro. It's not available right now as it's going through final EU product certification. We are expecting the Pro to be available in the summer. You can leave your email address HERE and we'll let you know as soon as it's in stock.

When will the White Xiaomi be available? 
We have a close relationship with Xiaomi and can confirm that there is no UK version of the white e-scooter available or expected in the near future. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

What is the maximum rider weight?
100kg (15 stones, 10 pounds).

Where do and don’t you deliver?
Pure Scooters delivers to mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

How long does it take to deliver? 
If you order before 2pm, Monday to Thursday, your order will be dispatched the same day and you will receive it the next business day. Orders placed on Friday to Sunday will be dispatched the following Monday and delivered to you on a Tuesday.

We also offer Saturday delivery for £15. If you order your electric scooter before 2pm on Friday, and select £15 Saturday Delivery at checkout, you will receive your order on the Saturday.

Please be aware that Next Day Delivery is NOT guaranteed to the following destinations: Scottish Highlands, Northern Island, Channel / Offshore Islands. Delivery to these destinations is usually within two business days.

Where are your distribution centres and where is the stock shipped from?
Our fulfilment centre is located in Hampshire, UK and all our electric scooters and accessories are shipped from here.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay

What should I do if I have a problem with my e-scooter?
If you have a problem with your electric scooter, please contact our customer service team and we'll be happy to help you resolve the problem.

Contact us:
01458 333888

What is your returns policy?
Please read our returns policy here.

Is it legal to use an electric scooter in the UK?
We've written a blog on the current legal status of e-scooters in the UK. It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of and act in accordance with their own local legal requirements.

Can you use an e-scooter in the rain?
We recommend that you check the instruction manual for individual e-scooters. If you do choose to use an e-scooter in the rain, extra care should be taken due to the poorer visibility and conditions. Avoid puddles, as the motors and batteries can become damaged if submerged. Please review the user manual for your e-scooter for more information.

What country plug / charger is included?
We supply a UK plug and chargers with all our e-scooters. 

What language is the manual in?
This varies from brand to brand, but all come in a variety of languages. The Xiaomi manual is printed in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Polish.

What is in the box?
This varies from product to product but typically you will have an e-scooter with charging equipment, manual and anything you need to set up your e-scooter. See individual product pages for more information.

How long does it take to charge?
All our e-scooters take a different amount of time to charge. Please see product pages for more information. As a benchmark, the Xiaomi M365 is fully charged in five and a half hours.

How old do you need to be to ride an adult electric scooter?
This varies by manufacturer. We advise adult only (18+) use. If in any doubt consult the user manual that came with your e-scooter for details.

E-Scooters and heavier riders
When manufacturers quote speed and range, it’s typically based on a 70Kg rider - but, that’s not to say you can’t ride an electric scooter if you’re heavier - far from it.

Most of our electric scooters, the Xiaomi and Ninebot Segway ES2 will still be able to carry a rider of 110-120kg, but it will be slightly slower uphill (so you may need to give a leg push every now and again) and the range will be reduced since the battery will be working harder. Some of our other e-scooters, including the Inokim Ox, have been built to take heavier riders thanks to their superior build quality and more powerful battery.

With a little compromise on acceleration, uphill speed and range most of us can enjoy the benefits of an electric scooter. Please bear in mind that if you’re over the manufacturer’s maximum recommended weight and any issues arise, the warranty could become void.

I have been scammed are you legit?
Don't worry, we are a real, trusted UK business. All our stock is held in the UK and ready to go as soon as you place an order. We are also on hand to answer any of your queries via If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you repair electrical scooters?
We currently are unable to help repair electric scooters that haven't been bought directly from Pure Scooters. 

Do you price match other retailers?
We price match with other UK retailers who sell the official UK versions of the electric scooters we stock. See for more information on this.

Where are my screws to my Xiaomi M365?
The screws should be located in the cardboard packaging contained within the box – there is a piece of card with 4 slots next to where the hex tool is located. However, sometimes the screws are in a small bag that is taped to the stem or handlebars of the e-scooter, be careful not to discard this assuming it to be rubbish.

Why is my Xiaomi M365 scooter so slow/broken?
The M365 has 2 ride modes – Eco and Normal. If you are experiencing lower than normal performance, check the mode your e-scooter is in. When your e-scooter is on, fully charged and in normal mode, you should see 4 white lights. If the bottom light is green you are in Eco mode. Double tap the power button to switch into normal.

Why is my Xiaomi M365 scooter have a sticky throttle? 
If your throttle is sticky, try pulling the right handlebar grip slightly away from the throttle. It's easiest to do this by twisting the grip as you do it.

Why is my Xiaomi M365 disc back rubbing / making noise?
1. Prop / jack up the scooter so the back wheel spins freely.
2. Now loosen the two screws / bolts highlighted below (on the brake calliper) using a 4mm hex tool / alan-key.
3. Spin the back wheel and then, using your fingers/thumb adjust the calliper so it's aligned with the disc. This means there's no further rubbing or sound. 
4. Tighten each screw / bolt half a turn each, moving from one screw / bolt to the other repeatedly. This will secure the calliper again and keep it aligned. 

Xiaomi M365 Brake Calliper

What if my Xiaomi M365 Handlebar Stem Rattling?
First fold your e-scooter down, then you can use the hex tool provided to loosen the screw as shown in the first picture. Next, you’ll have to use an 8mm and a 10mm spanner to tighten the bolt inside. Then replace the original screw and the scooter stem should feel strong and stable.

Xiaomi M365 StemXiaomi M365 Stem

What if I get a puncture, do you sell spares? 
For e-scooters that have air filled tyres, we recommend using Weldtite inner tube sealant. This is because changing small e-scooter tyres can be difficult. Weldtite works by automatically sealing the tyre when a puncture occurs; you will never know you got a puncture.

If you have already experienced a puncture you can buy spare tyres and innertubes on our website in the ‘Tyres & Tubes’ category.

What’s the difference between the Xiaomi Mi and the Xiaomi M365?
These are the same e-scooter, the full title of the M365 is the Xiaomi Mija M365. Mi is a contraction of Mija, this is the brand name for Xiaomi consumer products in the EU. They have exactly the same specifications.

What’s the warranty?
Pure Scooters only sells official UK product that is covered by the manufacturers warranty. The warranty length and cover varies by brand.

Xiaomi – 2 years full e-scooter warranty. They will replace or repair depending on the fault. You will be asked for your receipt and serial number (on the -e-scooter). There are two ways to make a claim: 1) Visit the Xiaomi store in Westfield (West London) – you will need to take your Pure Scooters receipt with you, or 2) Contact Xiaomi via +44 800 9160561 email address

Ninebot-Segway– 1 year on vehicle body, 6 months on battery. Customers would need to contact to make a claim

Micro Scooters– 1 year or 1,000 charge cycles on the battery. 2 year warranty on e-scooter components.

E-Twow- 1 year warranty on parts, 1 year for battery or 3,000km

Egret – 2 year warranty on the battery and e-scooter

Do I have to put this e-scooter together when it arrives?

Xiaomi– All you need to do is attach the e-scooter handlebars. This is very simple, just attach using the 4 screws provided.

Ninebot-Segway- All you need to do is attached the e-scooter handlebars. This is very simple, just attach using the 4 screws provided.

Micro– No, take it out the box and you are good to go.

E-twow - No, take it out the box and you are good to go.

Egret - No, take it out the box and you are good to go.

Are Electric Scooters legal to ride in the UK?
We've written a blog on the current legal status of e-scooters in the UK. It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of and act in accordance with local legal requirements.

What is the maximum rider weight?
All of the e-scooters currently listed on our site have a rider weight limit of 100kg

Can you Price match to Gearbest
No - We understand that Gear Best can offer great prices, however, their offer is not accurate compared to our offer. Pure Scooters sell Official UK edition e-scooters with UK warranties. Also if ordered before 2pm we offer free next working day delivery, GearBest usually comes from a Chinese manufacturer and can take upwards of 40 days to arrive.
Please also be aware that you will need to pay around 10% import duty followed by 20% Import VAT. We estimate the total cost of receiving an M365 from GearBest will be around £370-380 + 40-50 business days shipping. This e-scooter also won’t be covered by Xiaomi's UK warranty. Should something go wrong with your scooter you would need to return it to China. 

Can you give/sell me a charger?
In some cases, yes we can. We keep a small number of spares for some models of e-scooters even if not listed on the site. If you can not see what you need on the site please get in touch via 
For your information our registered business details are:
PURE SCOOTERS LIMITED11634997 - Incorporated on 22 October 2018
New Farm Offices, Hartlake, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom, BA6 9AB

Do you repair electrical scooters?
Currently we do not repair electric scooters but will soon have the ability to do this.

Are they charged when they arrive?
Electric scooters usually come with a small amount of charge. We recommend fully charging your e-scooter prior to riding.



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