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Weldtite 250ml

Protective sealant to provide ongoing prevention against punctures in tyres. Fill the tyre with the recommended amount of fluid, now if you get a puncture the fluid will find the puncture hole and seal it before you notice you even had a puncture.

Product information

  • Air pressure within the tyre forces solution out of the puncture hole reacting with the outside air sealing the puncture.
  • Environmentally friendly water based formula
  • Suitable for Schrader valves and other valves with removable core
  • Valve core removal tool included with easy applicator nozzle

How to use

  • Take off the dust cap and removed the valve core provided with the bottle, the tyre will deflate.
  • Attach the tube to the valve and squeeze the liquid into the inner tube - fill with around 1/4 of the bottle per tyre.
  • Clean up any mess and screw the value core back in.
  • Re-inflate the tyre to around 50psi
Weldtite 250ml
Weldtite 250ml
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Weldtite 250ml
Weldtite 250ml
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